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There are people who believe that for success one must do one’s bit and leave the rest to destiny. That the stars will align when we do our duty and then beseech them to align for us. That fate will look down favorably upon those who have completed their share of toil.


We Bisons aren’t such people.


If we were, many of us would settle for what providence meant for us to have. We would eventually become decently employed citizens who comb their hair and follow the rules and win their bread. Not the beasts who kick a ball right through the hearts of football lovers the world over, which is what we want to be. Whether we were meant to be or not.


We believe our dream is the reason we must wake up. We believe that destiny has no role to play upon the sunny stage of victory. We believe that settling for doing what you are meant to do is the very definition of mediocrity. It is when one perspires and bleeds while chasing the calling of his heart that destinies are rewritten. Destinies are rewritten when you do more than your share.


We believe in doing more than our share.


Most of us Bisons come from meagre backgrounds. Many of us were told that we could not afford dreams. Destiny told us that we were the poor sons of the Nilgiri belt, and we need to ‘practically’ and ‘realistically’ find a means to earn our living. But we pooh-poohed these whispers of the ‘practical’ and the ‘real’, who are too mired in the quicksand of mediocrity. Instead, we listened to the wiggling of our toes, the throb in our feet, the itch in our legs and the smolder in our hearts. We listened to our passion for the game of football and today we are the F.C. Bisons. We do not believe that winning and losing are matters of chance. When we win, we know that we have worked hard for it. When we lose, we know that we must work harder. Our young lives have already taught us this.


And that’s why our dreams will turn real. Because we don’t look upon fate to turn them real. We look upon the fire in our hearts. The fire that burns for football. It will get us there, we know. It will get us to a place where we play the finest national and international teams. And, dare we say, win

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Amitabho Pal


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Phone : +91 8884712582

Swaroop PP

Asst . Manager

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